Document Indexing Services

Often one of the more overlooked and very important parts of any document imaging project is indexing the scanned documents. It does no good to produce good images of documents only to not be able to retrieve them as needed. Over the years, Scanning America has developed a variety of methods for indexing documents. These include:


We employ advanced OCR and ICR software and proprietary algorithms to retrieve specific information such as account number from non-structured documents. We can also provide full text OCR for search capability.


We have a staff of skilled data entry operators and employ key-from- image technology. Operators key the index data from the scanned images. This is more efficient and provides additional image quality control. We can also provide blind double key verification for near 100% accuracy. In this process, two different key operators key the same information. If there are any differences in what they key, they are prompted and resolve the information.


We often use bar-coded slip sheets to control the flow of the scanning project and retain indexing information. This varies from folder separation and document unitization to document type and other identification. This process has proven to be very efficient and effective.