Microfiche Scanning Services

We scan microfiche into digital images from all formats, such as: COM, Jacketed and Step & Repeat microfiche. Whether you have a few microfiche or many thousands, we can digitize all of your microfiche into high quality images very cost-effectively. Our microfiche conversion center operates around the clock to give us a very high capacity to scan hundreds of thousands of images per day.

Superior Equipment

We use the latest generation microfiche scanners to digitize microfiche of all types. Most microfiche scanners attempt to capture individual frames at scan time. However, they can miss frames when the film is inconsistent, which it often is. Our microfiche scanners scan entire rows, including areas in between frames. We can then interactively review the results to manually capture any frames that would have been missed as well as adjust the image quality to compensate for the film density changes.

Experience Counts

With over 20 years of experience, we have encountered all of the common issues related to microfiche digital conversions. Our interactive processes are designed maximize the quality and accuracy of the microfiche scanning. Our technicians have years of experience and are dedicated to quality microfiche scanning.

Complete Services

After the microfiche imaging is complete, we can index the scanned documents by matching to any existing databases such as CAR databases (Computer Aided Retrieval), by manual keying, or other methods. Additional services include OCR for text searchable PDF files, unitizing images into documents, and preparing images and index information for import into your ECM system.

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